so here it is… my once in awhile and sometimes-more-often-than-other-times site where I talk about poetry, writing, flamenco…

speaking of flamenco, spending so much time in Spain, literally walking, eating, breathing, smelling, living the landscape of Spain by making the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, I think I have a greater understanding of flamenco and believe I will be a better dancer for it.  I realize that flamenco is from the south, and the camino is in the north, but there are deep rivers of temperament, beliefs, love of land, love of life, religion, family, etc. that all of Spain has in common.  And to quote my friend Miguel, “Spain is a cruel country”… thus the famous duende we all strive for in our dancing….

one other note on Spain (well I lie as I’m sure there will be a million more notes on Spain)… after observing Spanish life in such minute detail, footstep by footstep for over 850 kms, I have come to the conclusion that my definition of heaven would be that I was an old Spanish guy working in his garden on a beautiful early July morning with his dog sleeping in the dirt nearby… those old men were the happiest humans I’ve ever seen… content bled from their fingertips as they tied grape vines or bean stalks or pinched tomato flowers in the sweet white light of early summer….