at long last,

a tiny pie slice of time for a quick post.

books I’m reading: just finished rereading Sinclair Ross’ As For Me and My House

inspired by my recent 2 weeks in Saskatchewan, I reread Ross’ masterpiece. I first read it as a young girl of 19 and coming back to it so many years later as a mature woman, I’m amazed at how much I missed on that first reading. I savoured each page this time. what a beautiful writer. poetic. he sustains the narrative and yet manages to meditate on place, relationship between man/woman, woman/child, woman/God, woman/herself. equally I’m impressed that he writes convincingly from a woman’s point of view. the only other male writer that I’ve read who managed this, is Brian Moore. I’m thinking of the Passion of Judith Hearne which I am determined to reread again after a few decades.

it’s great to revisit these writers and see if they have withstood the test of time. I was disappointed last year when I reread (or tried) Margaret Lawrence’s The Diviners. something was clunky with it. I think it was the form. I found her memorybank movies (or something to that effect) to be forced. some of the language as well placed it too firmly in the 1970’s to a distraction level.

on another topic, watch the Globe and Mail in the next few weeks. I’ve been interviewed about my position as a war artist with the Canadian Forces Artist Program. all five of us artists are featured.

also, I’ll be featured in the Maple Leaf, the Canadian Forces official newspaper, sometime in the near future.

I have no idea where I’m being sent or when. the hope is for Afghanistan sometime in the next 18 months. I’ll keep you posted.