I know that I promised…

no more MacApple rants, but I just can’t help it… for those of tender sensibilities, please skip this post as I pare the fruit

last year after many years, I took the dive (nosedive) into MacWorld tm. I plunked down 1600 loonies for a piece of shit called a MacBook… one of those black numbers that goes with everything…

long story short, after 3 functioning months the thing quit on me unexpectedly, wouldn’t reboot, and alarmingly began strobing and buzzing. now any idiot could tell that it was a crap unit. any idiot but the helpful tm. folks at Apple-“Care-less” tm. who basically told me to suck it up, go without a computer for days while I got it fixed etc. etc. (too bad about the deadline and didn’t I have a spare p.c. hanging around that I could use, and by the way that’s going to cost you more money…) and who tried to make me feel as if I was trying to rip them off because I asked them for a replacement for their shoddy equipment…

hours on the phone to Apple Care-less tm. resulted in no satisfaction… they wouldn’t even give me the name and address of the president… one of their local reps. was a prick, ditto one of their authorized repair shops whose frontman did everything to make me feel like a total idiot for wanting a tool to work… wait a minute, just what does that tool do for work anyway????… finally, after trying to get the shop that sold me the MacBook in the first place to replace it and failing, I had to resort to a really pathetic strategy… getting a man to get me the replacement computer.

yep, a certain F., captain of industry who happens to spend thousands and thousands on computers and equipment at the shop had to make the call and basically browbeat them into taking the turd back… and they did and the minute I booted the new one up, I knew what a MacBook


sound, look, feel like. I’m still not happy with the company and want to throw things at the t.v. when I see one of their smug ads and tell everybody I meet what I think of Apple tm.

so why am I scratching old wounds? today in the mail, I received my extended warranty, Applecare for MacBook. I was warned by the repair guys at the new shop I patronize (and I think they’re totally great guys and recommend them to everyone… Moore and Associates) that I better get Applecare before my one year guaranteed warranty was up, so I slapped down another $ 335.99 and I guess I’m sort of “protected” for another two years.

what a fucking racket… I mean, you can buy a pretty decent piece of handmade furniture for $ 2000 and the thing will last you a lifetime and your kids a lifetime and maybe and probably even their kids’ lifetime…

yeesh, I better sign off before I start strobing and flashing and… oh, you get it I know…

on a happier note, I’m off to the garrison and to Wainwright this week… let’s hope the muse, that beautiful muse will accompany me!


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