where does your writing come from?

I asked an audience of poets and prose writers once, “where do you write from?” I wanted to know if there was a place in their physical body that seemed to flint the writing. Later, I got shit from a canlit(tm) writer who told me I was full of crap, ridiculous, juvenile etc. for asking that question. He said it’s all from the brain, nowhere else… “not heart, not balls, not anywhere but the brain”.

awhile back my 11 year old was reading the paper and she told me that the different organs, different parts of the body actually make hormones of different kinds and these hormones send out sensations.
interesting… my 11 year old then told me that mr. canlit was full of crap. who am I to correct her?

anyway, with that in mind, I’d love to know if other writers feel their work comes from a location in their body or does it change or what? I seem to have to walk for at least 20 minutes before I can write clearly… it seems to serve as a pencil-sharpening for me.


One thought on “where does your writing come from?

  1. i agree with the 11-year-old. it may be the brain that technically sends the command down the arm and through the fingers that hold the pen (or fly over the keyboard), but the words, the guts, the guts of the message … that’s visceral, that’s pulmonary, that’s corporeal. the voice comes out of the body’s experience: from the broken toenails, the scraped knees, the cracked teeth, the indigestion; from lungs gasping for air; from bone marrow, a belly cheerful from oregano and garlic and honey; from a battered heart. it’s a fist and a caress. it’s bloody.

    mr. cantlit is full of shit. (er, perhaps his writing stick is stuck in his colon?)

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