And this is why we made the Camino

Yesterday, I picked Ella up from school and headed downtown to the CBC studios for an interview with Jo-Ann Roberts of All Points West.
What can I say about a ten year old who sits back on the couch in the broadcast studio, book in hand, while Jo-Ann is broadcasting to British Columbia, then puts on the headset, saddles up to the microphone and speaks ten times more eloquently than her writer mother ever could, answering each question of the interview without hesitation, then picks up her violin and plays Morrison’s jig up to the hour until the news feed comes in?!

To hear interview, click on highlighted words below!

As I said on the broadcast, Ella will certainly be setting the pace. All 750 kms of it!


4 thoughts on “And this is why we made the Camino

  1. Darn! The CBC broadcast leaves out Ella’s violin playing!

    I was hoping this was a NEW CBC interview, and hope that Jo-Ann Roberts of All Points West will have Suzanne and Ella on again, before the May 3rd benefit concert, to talk about what actually happened on the Camino.

    As we live in Ontario, it won’t be possible for my husband, our two girls, and I to be with Suzanne, Fred, Ella, and Friends in Victoria in person, but we’ll definitely be there in spirit.

    ¡Felicitaciones, nuestros amigos! Que Dios les bendiga mucho, ahora y por siempre.

  2. i sure hope i get to meet ella sometime.

    love & hugs, laurie
    (coming to you live & coffee’ed up from beautiful thunder bay … )

  3. gracias Jane and laurie, the CBC will probably do a phone interview with us… I’ll let you know… safe driving/safe teaching!

  4. ‘Thinking of and praying for you all tomorrow. ‘Wish we could be with you. I’ll do a mental jig!

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