word of the day

Esperpento  Miguel from Madrid, writes that this is one of his favourite words…

“Esperpento  literally applies to persons or things that look strange and ugly. One of the writers  that I appreciate more in Spanish, Ramon María del Valle Inclan, made of this world a dramatic genre…..

He defined the esperpento (applied to a person !) as the image of classic hero reflected in a curved mirror… in the Gato Street ( a little street, dirty and without  much lightning in the center of Madrid ).”



Google del Valle Inclan, wade through all the “buy this book” stuff, and there are a few interesting bios/analyses of del Valle Inclan… an interesting blog by some young grad student in Madrid who also posted a photo of del Valle Inclan hiding his missing arm (can you hide a missing arm?) which had to be amputated after it got infected following a fight in a bar…  




Would it be fair to say that political cartoonists are masters of esperpento? 




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