Galician Poetry Reading

Okay, so there’s a link to the Scots and some of their fine poets such as Colin Wills and his blog… now here’s a link to one of my most favourite places in the world…Taberna Ultreia in Finisterre.  We met Jose and Carmina at their taverna when we walked into Finisterre at the end of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, and it felt like walking into home.  It’s so lucky in life when one meets kindred folk and though our Spanish is terrible, our Galician non-existant, thanks to Jose and Carmina’s english skills and hospitality, and open invitation to play music there every night, we now have yet another place on earth that claims a bit of our hearts Taberna Ultreia, in that gorgeous fishing village on the north Atlantic coast, is where artists gravitate.  Last time I checked their website, I saw they were hosting a reading for three Galician poets.  I’d have given anything to be there that night… here’s to enlightened tabernas everywhere…Ultreia (onward)! Jose, by the way, is a beautiful musician and singer.  Stop by and hear him sometime. 


2 thoughts on “Galician Poetry Reading

  1. Hi
    First,Sorry for my English
    I, m Jose María (Taberna Ultreia-Fisterra),Pleased to know something about you.
    I would like to say you that Fisterra always will be your home, your second country and when you want come back, we are here for tobe joint and enjoy a good moments with music,poems and change cultures.
    I hope see you soon in Fisterra

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