I spent the weekend recording two new pieces I’m working on. It just dawned on me that this new (and working!) MacBook has recording software so I decided to use it.

My first efforts were crap because the built-in mike records not only my voice, but the built in fan too – don’t you think they’d have figured that one out??? hmmm

so F. set me up with a pre-amp, a cute little box from TCHelicon called a VoiceTone Correct, Firewire and a mike, and boom, I was in business. Well it’s been a few years since I recorded anything (I’ve done backup vocals and had my voice used for product demos and for engineers to work on – there are more than a few engineers that loathe Centrepiece thanks to me) so it took a few takes to get used to the setup, but it was an amazing way to find out if a piece works or not… and I’m happy to say, the two poems I’ve worked on all week, are really starting to cook.

Keep your eyes on this space and I’ll post something in the next while.

meanwhile, if anyone wants to check out TCHelicon… here they are… they specialize in voice stuff (I think)

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