writer ‘in situ’


so here is a picture of me where I work/how I work (sorry about the size of photo)…

books on my desk: John Thompson, Collected Poems and Translations (Anne Simpson told me I should write one of my characters in ghazal… I’m mystified, don’t know where to begin); Verlaine, Selected poems (a friend recommended); Alistair MacLeod, No Great Mischief (he supplied some gaelic for my ms.); Elizabeth Hay, Garbo Laughs (haven’t read it, my mother gave it to me); Amanda LaMarsh, The Clichest (she was at Banff with me, she’s brilliant); Ted Hughes collected poems (Tim Bowling and Don MacKay told me to read Hughs, said my work had something in common with his); Carla Funk, Head Full of Sand (haven’t read yet); Don MacKay, Strike/Slip (the master, the Don… hoping some brilliance will rub off on my words); U.A. Fanthorpe Collected Poems (feel kinship to U.A.); Anne Simpson Loop (I ponder her); Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil (friend recommendation); V. Sackville-West, The Land, Sissinghurst (The Land inspired the shape of The Year/Quintet); Federico Garcia Lorca, Poesies III (a gift waiting to be mailed); The 2007 Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology

…taped to my lamp, a quote from an email sent to me from the Scottish sculptor Frank Pottinger, after I wrote to him in discouragement…

“But we’re stuck with it Suzanne and we have to get on with it and take heart from past successes… and we’ve both had these! … in a materialistic society, good artists are those who ‘re-enchant’ ordinary things”

I read that quote to myself every day.

beside my desk
one beautiful fountain pen
books: Gregory Scofield, Love Medicine and Other Songs (love poems… just how does one write them and should one?); Ruth Padel, The Poem and the Journey (gift from Frank P); Lorca; Peter Abs, The Flowering of Flint (gift, inspiration); Helen Humphreys, Wild dogs;
Flamenco videos, files, Bescherelle, printer

beneath my desk
hatbox with The Year/Quintet ms., Letters from Edinburgh m.s. (much neglected)

ms., photos, bullfight posters from 2007 season, my Writing 11 report, first piece ever published (age 8)…


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