so how do I make words fly like feet?

… second week of flamenco after a 4 month break and muscle memory is kicking in slowly, slowly and I’m told that I’m getting good sound from them… on Friday night in coaching class, doing a basic escobilla (a bit of footwork), H., the master guitarist looked at me and said, “the floor vibrates with you”, and I said, “I just walked across Spain, I hope my feet picked up something good”… strength at the very least, duende at best

and slowly, slowly words are coming to me, they are circling like the swallows of the meseta, (the Spanish plains I hiked through) and I think if I don’t try to grab them, that maybe, just maybe they will settle long enough for me to write a few down… a poem?

finally, back to flamenco, I tried on new shoes today, looked at all the colours and style samples… then we will order them from Spain…. can’t decide on fuschia or a gorgeous green, officially pistachio, but more the colour of Spanish olives… everyone says the fuschia reflects my personality better than the green, but I just love the green and anyway, until my feet are tidy, fast, get good sound, do I really want everyone staring at them in bright, fuschia???


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