I am not a one note Samba…but I wouldn’t mind being an Allegrias!

last Apple blurb (hence the one-note samba reference)… my new machine is great and I found some great Apple techs. in town here so all is not lost… still, I caution others.

Last night I gave my first presentation on the camino de santiago. I think it went well and have been booked for more in the coming year. It’s a strange thing how the experience gloms (is that how one spells it?) to a person and doesn’t let them go.

One of my correspondents who has hiked the camino 3 or 4 times (and I met some who had done it 8 times), suggested to me that I have at least one more pilgrimage in me before it lets me go. He also says perhaps I will write it out and while the world truly does not need another camino book (and in fact Shirley MacLean’s was one too many), I find the Spanish landscape, the black swallows, the beak-clacking storks, seeping into all that I am writing these days.

While for many the camino is an experience of the heart or mind, or even soul, for me it was one of the senses.

On a totally different note, I am back to my flamenco and am really looking forward to getting back in dancer shape. They say the first to go is one’s turns and I’d have to agree. In bata class last Tuesday, not only did I get incredibly dizzy but I managed to entangle myself in 6 feet of skirt. The good thing is I didn’t fall!

If anyone is interested in seeing what dancing in a bata de cola could look like, check out the clip on YouTube called Flamenco: Allegrias. It features a master of the dance and her dance troupe and while the dancers are gorgeous and dance beautifully, watch the master dancer who does so much with gesture, nuance and you will see the essence of flamenco – life experience. The Allegrias is one of the joyful danceforms.

b.t.w… I look nothing like those dancers….. yet!



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