okay, maybe I’ll stop my Apple Rant after this but….

I’m sure this is amazingly boring and ultimately, a First World Problem, but I just have to get it out… I still officially hate Apple and their customer service wing, AppleCareLess, but I am extremely grateful to the company, London Drugs, who sold me the MacBook in the first place for seeing the whole thing right by replacing the defective machine (did I say it has a slight electrical hum as well as a flickering screen?).

LD took responsibility and is ponying up a new machine.   I don’t know what they are going to do with the old one because Apple said they won’t do anything for LD so I guess  LD is going to eat the cost.

The supreme joke is that AppleCareLess actually phoned ME this afternoon to see what was up with my machine and when I told it it was being replaced, Kathleen said, “I’m so glad you’re happy with this” as if Apple had ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT.  Needless to say I told her that Apple and AppleCareLess was a waste of time and horrendous to deal with and that the only real customer service was LD.  I also told Kathleen that I particularly resented being treated as a rip-off artist because I WANTED MY MACHINE TO WORK!!!!

Now the real APPLE KICKER though is the fact that the extended warranty, APPLE CARE, for which I ponied up 300 bucks on top of the $1700  I already paid for a crap machine, would only be good for one year on the TOTALLY brand, new machine, as it would be back dated to the purchase date of my original machine… even though I only bought the warranty two weeks ago and just registered it yesterday before I knew I was going to get a brand, new, replacement (thank you LD) and so on and so forth….

and by this time all I can do is laugh because it’s so hilarious that this company that prides itself on service, quality products blah blah blah, is so abysmal at the very basics and what can I do about any of this…

I can’t even write THE PRESIDENT STEVE JOBS because no one, and I mean, NO ONE, will give me the president’s address… yes, that’s right, no one at AppleCareLess would tell me how to contact the man who is the head of this company…

well, let me tell you, by the end of the conversation with Kathleen she said she’d open another case file for me and see if she could get me full Apple Care on the new MacBook I am going to pick up tomorrow…

keep your eyes on the rant

but lastly I have to thank Blake from London Drugs for being patient, kind and ultimately, a first class Apple dealer and for ultimately taking responsibilty…

he deserves a giant raise and I will send lots of people to him


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