why I’ll never buy a Mac again

okay, this site is supposed to be about/for writing, so I guess it’s okay to have a rant here as it directly relates to my working life as a writer.

yesterday, I spent several hours on the telephone trying to speak to anyone from Apple who would be willing to take responsibility for the fact that my MacBook still isn’t working 100%… I purchased it last year and have used for nine months and it has been in for “repair” several times, each time taking several hours or even days to be returned to me

needless to say, no one would stand behind their $2000 product (oh yes, did I tell you I forked out an extra couple of hundred bucks for Apple Care, an extended warranty, because one of the repair guys at the official Apple Repair Centre said to me, “I’d be a bit nervous about not having Apple Care if I were you”…. now there’s comfort wouldn’t you say???)

I think I hit the nadir of “customer service” when Jeff, the Tech Support guy from Apple in Markham Ont., asked me if I had another computer kicking around the house that I could use while my MacBook was in getting repaired – foolishly I had told him that I depend upon my MacBook

(somehow that didn’t register with him that if I had another computer, I wouldn’t be quite so upset about the deadline I have)

then perhaps another low point was speaking with Kathleen the customer relations from Apple USA (where all customer relations calls are routed), whose well polished, “I can totally appreciate your point of view” and “we’re sorry you feel that way” remarks felt quite condescending…. and who by the way, wouldn’t paper our conversation but would only give me a “case number” for my computer problem…

and so it went for several hours, no one willing to take the situation in hand but rather just pass pass passing the buck about a piece of equipment that costs a lot of pass pass pass bucks and which is still flickering less than 24 hours after being “repaired”

and I feel really frustrated and want to write a feature article about how Apple is trying to woo people from their PCs with soft and cuddly ads, promises of customer service etc. etc.

and the reality is…

well you fill in the blanks

any suggestions anyone as to whom I have to speak in order to get a machine that is worth the $2000 (and counting) that I’ve shelled out already????



One thought on “why I’ll never buy a Mac again

  1. This is when you start asking for some compensation for all of the time you’ve had to spend with Mac customer “service” (sic). You remind them that they are getting paid to hear your woes but that you, on top of having a dud computer, are not getting paid for the ___ (fill in the blank) hours you’ve spent on the phone talking to Mr. X., Ms. Y, and Zed.

    Now you’ve got to only talk to managers, never the person who answers your call, or, maybe it’s time to write to the president of the company–not an e-mail but a snail-mail letter, documenting everything, everyone, every glitch that’s happened, because all you’ll ever get from the Jeffs and Kathleens are the cluckings and the yes-we-understand-how-you’re-feeling schtick–yeah, right; if you did, you’d actually do something.

    Go straight to the top and demand some compensation for all of your time that’s been wasted on trying to get their product up to standard: Apple gift certificates, any service to your computer for nothing or for a substantial amount off their asking price. Threaten to picket outside one of their stores… 😉 You’ve got the chutzpah, and they’d be very embarrassed.

    Just a few tried and true suggestions from someone who believes that the almost lost art of honesty and good service doesn’t have to be sacrificed on the altar of complacency and apathy.

    Give ’em Hell, Suzanne!

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