in case you´re wondering where I´ve gone…

click on the blogroll Trek to Santiago and you´ll find me!


3 thoughts on “in case you´re wondering where I´ve gone…

  1. Suzanne,

    We’ve been out of town and going through a pilgrimage of our own…

    ‘Just read your most recent posts, and I cried. I can sense the spirit of pilgrimage, the letting go and plunging into the here and now. I can picture where you are, the countryside, the food, the dogs, the heat, the churches, the other pilgrims–‘wonderful gift of expressing yourself, Suzanne–and can almost hear Fred and Ella’s guitar and fiddle. I’m tapping my foot…

    May the road continue to rise up to meet you, may you continue to go well the road, mis queridos amigos, y que Dios les bendiga siempre. Light a candle for us in one of the pilgrimage churches, with special intentions.

    We love you!!

    j & j

  2. BTW, I hope we’re (J, J, A, and K) on that list of names you’re looking at every day and carrying in your heart, which is like a suitcase! I’m suspecting we are, but didn’t specifically ask, I don’t think.

    So, I’m asking now! Raise a glass of vino por nosotros tambien!!

  3. ‘Can’t log into your Trek blog to make comments: error in password (whaaaaaa?) and something about having to enable cookies. I don’t even know what version of what program I have, so forget that.

    I just wish computers spoke English and then maybe I could master some of this IT stuff. ‘Most frustrating. So, I’ll just plod along on this blog, and hope that you peek in every once in awhile!!

    You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

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