at long last!!!

Quintet/The Year, the saga, the collection, the story, the poetry….the novel…. whatever one wishes to call it…. I just finished it an hour ago. After thinking, agonizing, and thinking some more of how I could end the piece, last night it came to me…. and now, hours later, after I’ve been writing and writing and writing…it’s been there since the Hebrides, I just didn’t know how I’d get it out… what form… what exactly I needed to say…

it’s finally done… that which began years ago with a few poems, after L.’s accident, after someone who was very unique/special had died, after the epiphany of Banff and all it brought to me…. I’ve finally finished my book

now, time to make it good…. really good…wish me luck


4 thoughts on “at long last!!!

  1. hi Suzanne,
    you are leading a busy life. Enjoy! I’ve been thinking of you since colony. Sounds like your trip was a success, now for the trek. and of course, best of luck with the writing.

  2. Well, hallelujah!

    You’ll probably be feeling what Virginia Woolf did when she “released” a manuscript. She said it felt like giving away a child.

    In the meantime, you, Ella, and Fred will be on el camino–which should give you the perspective you need to trust that the universe is unfolding as it should!

  3. Yay! I’m so pleased to hear you’ve finished the manuscript … well, finished in one sense. That still represents a huge accomplishment and you should be proud. All of us who’ve been privileged to hear parts of it are waiting to see the finished product. I’m sure it will reach into our lungs and pull our breath away.

    Sorry I’ve been out of touch – the mentorship has just been taking a lot from me. This summer I’m at St. Pete’s for two weeks, then Sage Hill. Will touch base sometime this summer. Hope Spain is all you dreamed. ~PJ

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