Two and a half weeks to go and we are just beginning to think about the more detailed practicalities of our trek to Santiago de Compostela. Even so, we’re not stressed. This journey has been all about “letting go”. At Christmas, we hadn’t found anyone to care for the dogs, the house, had no airplane tickets, no idea as to a route, hadn’t cleared the journey with Ella’s school, and when I started to feel stressed about it, a friend said, “this is the beginning of the pilgrimage Suzanne.” And when I decided what my friend had said was true, within a few weeks everything was in place.

The same friend is throwing a farewell party/NICU fundraiser kickoff, May 12th. Call me for an invite!

Otherwise, Ella and I will be on the local CBC radio station on Tuesday at 4:50 p.m. We will be interviewed by Jo-Ann Roberts, the local host of the evening program, All Points West. Listen online if you get a chance!

For more info, click on the Trek to Santiago link on the right hand side of the page and it will take you to the trek page with maps etc.


One thought on “preparing

  1. I clicked on the link and loved your interview! Ella, the only thing I missed was hearing your fiddling. Bummer! I’m hoping that aside from the wonderful acoustics in the churches en route, that you find yourself fiddling with some other musicians (aside from your own Mom and Dad!).

    What you’re doing is wonderful. My own daughter had surgery before she was six months old and I know how scary and surreal it is not to know if things are going to turn out OK or not. I think you’re right, too, that babies who hover on the brink between this world, the one they just came from, and the one they could be going to, have some kind of “true grit.” I know that’s true of our daughter, and it sounds like it is for Ella too.

    Go well the road, Fred, Suzanne, and Ella. We’ll be following your adventures with anticipation. Spring in the Pyrenees should be fantastic!

    Via con Dios, nos amigos!

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