photos from uibhist a deas

the last evening on uibhist a deas, south uist, I left Tommy and Betty’s where I had shared a beautiful meal…Betty is an amazing cook…across the road, on a rise above us, four red tail stags stood and stared at us, then first one pair lowered their heads, clicked antlers, then the other pair followed suit….high on a ridge in the distance, a solitary stag stood, a red silhoutte against the soft white light of Hebridean dusk…a rare sight…I couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t the ancestors come to say goodbye…nothing would surprise me on uibhist a deas, nothing…

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One thought on “photos from uibhist a deas

  1. Awesome slide show. Thanks.

    And the stags? Anything’s possible in the mist-shrouded land of the Celts.

    (Have you seen The Secret of Roan Inish? Irish, but similarly mystical, deep, and moving.)

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