at last, wifi in Edinburgh that doesn’t cost anything but a cup of coffee, a bowl of soup, or maybe a hunk of bread with cheese, artichoke hearts, pesto… black medicine… what a great name for a coffee bar… it’s what the first nations called coffee and the owners of the coffee bar have decorated it with slightly cheesy European ideas of what it means to be first nations… kind of fun… so this is where I’ll be eating and drinking at least once a day for the last five of my journey to Scotland.

the days pass so fast here, so filled with friends and walking about the city, remembering so much, wondering if we’ll ever return to live here again and for how long…

tomorrow I’m off to Kelso to meet with the poet Tom Bryan. He’s writer in residence at Brownsbank Cottage, the home of one of Scotland’s greatest 20th c. poets Hugh MacDiarmid. I’m going down to have a ‘blether’ about poetry with Tom and to see the cottage where the great one wrote. I’m particularly interested in Hugh MacDiarmid as I received an award in 2005 for my poetry from an organization MacDiarmid founded.

the best thing about Edinburgh is its acceptance, promotion of and valueing of writers and poets. It’s not uncommon to see poetry on billboards, whisky labels, on buses, ferries, in bars, pubs… To say I’m a poet here, is not an embarrassing thing and is never, ever followed up with the question, “what do you really do?”… it’s just a fact of life that the Scots love language of all kinds and value conversation, humour, ideas…this is what I missed most when back in Canada, and which makes the writing life so lonely…

and speaking of lonely, I went out and bought a Paco de Luca cd, put it on when I got home and all sense of being far away vanished…


One thought on “wifi

  1. Hello sms — It’s lovely to read your adventures, although I have to admit, I have just started reading and now I have to go to work and I have a billion things buzzing in my mind and I envy the silence space you found. But I will read back, and read more.

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