two more days

Unbelievably, there are only two more days on Uibhist a Deas and then I’m out of here. The lambing has slowed down considerably and I’ve only three “orphans” to feed. The experience has been much better than I had hoped for. The crofter is a fine man with a good sense of humour, good to his animals, and a pleasure to spend time with.

The weather has been incredible, today it’s 16.5 C! I expected to be working in the pouring rain and cold and instead have been in shirtsleeves. Yesterday I hiked through the heather to the top of a hill and lay in the sun for a couple of hours. The views out to Ben Mor, the deep blue Atlantic, and the soft heather hills, the machair (duneland) and fields was spectacular.

The hostel has been more or less been mine alone for the past few days. This morning the electricity was off, so after checking the lambs at 6:30 am, I came home and built a coal fire, had breakfast and wrote letters by hand. It felt positively 19th century.


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