R & B/Robert Cray

It’s funny how things can drop out of your life for no apparent reason, then boom, back they come, maybe years later and you’re absolutely incredulous that you could have lived without it for so long. For me, it’s R & B.

R & B… last year at Banff, I wandered into the club where all the jazz guys showcase while in residence at the Banff Centre and heard live R & B for the first time in years… I felt like I was hearing a heartbeat that was familiar, comfortable, exciting… that I had somehow forgotten existed… sweet, really sweet…I don’t know if it was the clear mountain air, hiking in the mountains, digging deep into my work or working with the voice coach, Carl Berhardt (an experience), but I just had to hear a few bars of the horns, the guitar, a funky bass line, and I fell in love with R & B all over again, and now I’m listening, really listening…

any favourites? The Robert Cray Band, Sweet Potato Pie cd, seems to be doing for me…he can sing, that man, play guitar too…

Leave me a playlist… I’m interested.

nothing against you
if I don’t speak
if I pass you by
look away when me meet
if I turn my back
walk the other way
just leave me alone for awhile and believe
it’s nothing against you”


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