dancing on a cold March night

last night, I went with a friend to the 10th annual Festival de la Francophonie de Victoria, held out-of-doors at Market Square, where we ate jambon, tarte au sucre… the whole nine yards, and then danced our feet off to a band from Saskatchewan, Les Cireux d’Semelles (the Sole Polishers… as in dance until the soles of your shoes are shiny… I think!) Really fun, trad. Francophone, good energy and really cute! Check them out.



One thought on “dancing on a cold March night

  1. Hi there,

    one of the band members found your post one night while doing some research. Thought I’d let you know they were glad you enjoyed the show, and they hope to see you out next time they’re in the area. All their shows will be posted on their website, which is being entirely redone, and will be relaunched on December 7th and 8th along with their new album “Le bel accent” = The Beautiful Accent. Feel free to check out the website as of December 7th. Lots of cute new pictures! À bientôt!

    Cédric Bell
    Les Cireux d’Semelles

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