at St. Peter’s Abbey, I’ve…

1. learned what a quinzee is (thanks Dave Carpenter)…it’s a Cree snowhouse
2. helped build a quinzee with shovel, axe, broken garden hoe, frozen hands (thanks Dave Carpenter)
3. snowshoed with traditional Cree snowshoes (thanks Dave Carpenter)
4. lost my bloginity (thanks Tracy)
5. dined with the monks after singing Vespers…singing with the boys…(thanks Abbot and brothers)
6. attended a Mardi Gras Medieval medieval feast with my fellow artists and the monks, dressed as an Abbess (thanks Abbot and brothers)
7. attended  Academy Awards Party dressed in black velvet skank dress and bling (thanks Honor and Humboldt thrift shop)

8. learned the language of snow walking into the blizzard (thanks Annamarie and beautiful mid-winter Saskatchewan, I shall return) oh yes, I forgot…

9. wrote and finished my 7th draft of the manuscript!!!!

and tonight we christen the Quinzee


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